About Us

A family-owned bistro, “Wobbly Pan” from its name, symbolizes an old cooking pan passed down from generation to generation. Through time, our family’s cooking pans have become “wobbly” from constant use and movement yet remains durable in a changing environment.

Inspired by our Spanish roots and colonial influences, Wobbly Pan offers market-driven cuisine that is in line with tested tradition. 


Our name is also symbolic of the philosophy behind the restaurant, which is a combination of the modern and the traditional. “Wobbly” means evolving and adapting to change, while “Pan” refers to the old way of slow cooking with the use of the cast iron pans.

In this ever-changing environment filled with uncertainty, we believe in celebrating wins and occasions, no matter how big or small. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, recovering from illness, or learning a new task, we love celebrating special moments and new milestones. 

We take satisfaction in strengthening connections with family and friends by offering gifts and delectable food to share such as tapas, paella, cochinillo, sangria and more.

With Wobbly Pan, there is always a reason to celebrate!